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Obesity and Erectile Dysfunction: Find the Right Solution

Fat “kills” sex. Experts of XL Pharmacy say: if the male weight exceeds the ideal by 15%, then there is sexual inhibition. “Overweight, as well as fasting as a way to get rid of it, significantly reduce the potency. Fatty tissue “burns” hormones, so excess weight gives an increased loading on the heart, blood vessels and muscles. This aspect contributes to the problem of sexual relations. That’s why a man who wants to strengthen his intimate abilities, should monitor his…

Viagra Super Active in ED Cure Caused by Depression

This metrial about depression as a ED cause and Viagra Super Active as ED treatment is collected and prepared by XL Pharmacy team. First of all we will start from the very beginning. Depression and Erectile Dysfunction Contemporary men starting from the beginning of youth live a bright sexual life. Being in this age, they are full of energy and emotions. But at the age of 50 and over, male body begins to gradually lose its strength and wither away….

TOP 5 Effective ED Drugs: Cialis, Levitra and Super Viagra Meds

XL Phramacy composes a list of the most popular and effective ED drugs. This list may help men get rid of any symptoms of erectile dysfunction. You may read this information attentively and start prevention of this “shameful” disorder as fast as possible. List of Effective and Sought-After Ed Drugs Levitra: What Is It? Levitra is an effective medication produced to fight against sexual dysfunction accompanied premature ejaculation. Erectile dysfunction is a problem appeared not only in older men but…

How does Viagra Act on Women?

Often women and girls pay attention to drugs that do not have specific effect on their body. This is not even due to health problems, but rather because of usual curiosity, desire to get new sensations and stronger effect from intimacy. Is there in this case a desirable positive result and how safe is it for women to take such preparation as man’s Viagra?

Antibiotics: All You Need to Know

Antibiotics: how they work? Antibiotics are special substances of biological origin that can suppress the growth of viruses, bacteria and microorganisms or completely destroy them. The specificity of antibiotics action is the main feature. That is, each specific type of pathogen microorganisms is susceptible not to every type of antibiotics. This feature is the basis of the main modern antibiotics classification: narrow-spectrum antibiotics (suppress the vital activity of bacteria of one type) and broad-spectrum antibiotics (destroy various types of microorganisms)….