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pills from xlpharmacyXL Pharmacy is an online service that easesthe life of thousands of people every day. The site allows you to make an order or arrange the delivery of pharmacy goods. At the moment, our online company works with global generic manufacturers. Thanks to special agreements between our departments, users get the opportunity to significantly save on the purchase of pharmaceutical goods and health-related products.

Xlpharmacy cares about the health of its customers and works only with trusted, certified generic suppliers. Our company has a license to hold pharmaceutical activities, has the right to store and dispense medications. A drug quality control system is carried out on a mandatory basis at all stages of the activity.

When making orders on the website, goods are picked up and processed within 24 business hours. When the order is packed, a notification is sent to the email. For the convenience of customers, our online company is launching a new service for placing an order with delivery and the ability to pay through the website. The goods are delivered by courier to the specified address at the selected time.

Dynamic development and quality assurance

We are a dynamically developing, successful and modern company on the interanational pharmaceutical market.

By addressing our company, you do not have to waste time and effort looking for the necessary drugs. Based on a professional approach to work, we are pleased to offer a very wide range of medications, medical devices, birth control options, herbal suppements. The assortment includes top quality generics available for online ordering.

Highly qualified employees will always help you to make the right choice of the product you are interested in. Practicing an individual approach to clients, we care about your health, time and convenience.

The pharmacy has an administrator who monitors all work related to the quality of the incoming goods, storage conditions and expiration dates. We set and regulate internal procedures for strict acceptance of drugs in terms of quality.

Our goals

The main goal is to create a high-quality customer service system through:

  • increasing the range;
  • flexible payment systems, including discounts, special offers, coupon codes;
  • providing a full service – from the reservation of goods in the warehouse to its prompt delivery;
  • fast and high-quality customer service, which is guaranteed by a fully computerized sales system.

XL Pharmacy sells generics

Generics refer to copies of the original drugs. In the overwhelming majority of cases, analogs are cheaper, sometimes several times.

There is a misconception that generics are a fake, something of poor quality. In fact, this is not true. In fact, generics are the same drugs, completely or almost completely copying the composition of the brand-name drug. The patent for the original drug must expire in order for some company to get the right to produce a generic drug.

The total patent protection for a medical product can be valid for up to 20 years. In some cases, the term of the patent protecton lasts for 5-7 years. Such a long period is due to the fact that it takes a developer from 5 to 15 years to create and launch a new drug on the market, not to mention a large amount of resources. As a rule, the production takes several billion US dollars, and teams of hundreds of people work on the creation of new drugs. By the way, this is why some drugs are so expensive – the manufacturer seeks to return the money spentto get profit.

How different are generics from the brand name drug?

In most cases, there is a slight difference. Generic contains the same active drug or substances as the original drug, but differs in the composition of excipients. The production technology may also differ.

When creating a generic drug, the most difficult task is the selection of its excipients, since they affect the effectiveness and quality of drugs.

These substances can significantly affect the pharmacological activity of medical substances: enhance or reduce their activity, change the nature of the action under the influence of various reasons. Excipients can accelerate or slow down the absorption of active substances, and affect pharmacokinetics. Even minor changes in the formulation can significantly modify the drug effect on the body.


The prices of many medications and health-related products in our online pharmacy are lower than in conventional drugstores. We receive goods directly from manufacturers, and then deliver orders to you from our own warehouses. We work without intermediaries and dealers.


You can save a lot with XL Pharmacy. Manufacturers of drugs and medical products regularly launch promotions - so goods can be ordered with an additional discounts and through special offers.


Search on our website is simple and convenient. Each product has a description, instructions and detailed information on the composition and dosage. We have a blog with tips and pages dedicated to treating specific diseases.


When you receive an order at a pharmacy or through a delivery service, you do not even have to pronounce the names of the selected goods - we simply give you the order and never violate your right to keep its contents or your diseases confidential.

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