New Resources on Chromatography-online

Kevin Scott

May I first introduce myself as the new editor of Chromatography-online? I have taken over from Dr Charles Reese who has retired and will endeavour to continue to make Chromatography Online a powerful asset for all in the world of separation science. I started out in life as a Chromatographer myself, no doubt influenced in this respect by my father R.P.W. Scott who books form a substantial part of this web library. My Oxford doctorate was in the application of gas chromatography to the study of heterogeneous catalysis and I found the field of chemical detectors and computational analysis of elution profiles a source of fascination in the course of the work. I lectured at the University of Sulaimaniyah in Iraq before returning to Oxford, and thence to Edinburgh. My main interest has been in metrology, the design of measuring instruments, and especially recently in the development of meteorological instruments and I am now the Principal Director of Meteormetrics Limited

The plan for this web-site will be to edit and update the material already published in it, to expand the material to include scientific and laboratory techniques which will be of interest to chromatographers, analysts, separation scientists and all those interested in measurement, detection and environmental evaluation.

Feedback is always welcome and please do register if you would like to receive occasional emails containing updates on chromatographic and metrological methods and techniques.

Chromatography Book Series

R.P. W. Scott

The book series which forms one of the most useful assets for the chromatographer is available online accessible from the "books" item on the main menu. Some of the books are now available as Kindle downloads at low prices, and others in the series will follow. Click on the links to go to the appropriate Amazon page

Principles and Practice of Chromatography

Gas Chromatography

Liquid Chromatography

Thin Layer Chromatography