How to Quit Smoking?

This article of XL Pharmacy aims to answer a question of how to quit smoking cold turkey. Why “cold turkey”? because the biggest problem in giving up smoking, known to the majority of smokers, is not the process of “quitting”, but necessity not to smoke furthermore.

Many who are able to endure the first week without cigarettes, but not all can refrain from smoking after quitting.

The following factors may encourage people to start smoking again:

  • stress;
  • tedious wait;
  • personal problems;
  • professional problems.

Why do We Go back to Smoking after Quitting?

The brain remembers that it is always rescued in situations:

  • when you are nervous or bored;
  • do not know where to go for general fun;
  • with what to fill pauses during a conversation.

At such times, cigarettes always come to rescue. You know it, and here again, reach for a cigarette, and all of your efforts and attempts to quit are in vain.

Anybody can be considered to have found a compromise in smoking – has ceased to blow on a pack a day and now smokes only on holidays. It is almost nonsense to control smoking. Smoking effects are detrimental for our lives.

So, what makes us once again to take up a cigarette, when it would seem, we have endured everything, implemented intention to break the vicious addiction? We are sure that most people are unaware of the true reason for return to smoking, and cannot understand what they need to do not to feel nicotine craving after abandoning it.

Meanwhile, answer to this question is terribly simple and obvious, but a way to quit smoking for good, is so banal in its wording, that you will be surprised to learn that it was the priority of science or innovative technologies.

And XL Pharmacy feels surprised when we everywhere stumble on a lack of understanding of obvious things among smokers who try dozens of trendy ways to get rid of addiction and everything is in vain. But the right solution lies in front of them, in them, and they beat around the bush and do not notice it!

Actually, it will be discussed in the article further. We will tell you what you need to do is to quit smoking and not to feel nicotine addicted. The key word here is “do not feel the need”, you will not need to fight and to keep yourself well in hands, you simply will not want to let a smoke penetrate inside after a while.If you cannot control quit cigarette smoking, Zyban will help you. Zyban is the effective medication for smoking cessation.

Smoking as Daily Ceremony

smokingDo not think that we are trying to retell someone else’s experience. I, an author of the article working now at XL Pharmacy, smoked for 6-year about a pack and a half a day. Cigarettes have been for me not only the available drug but, as I said, magic wand, which is with me in every situation, no matter where I was.

At any meeting, every conversation, I could always get distracted and delayed thoughtfully all troubles. After completing a deal, I had an opportunity to reward yourself a little bit and go smoking with accomplishment sense. Tobacco smoking rescued me hours of waiting: instead of harassing yourself, you can go out and aired with a cigarette. But at work, it would seem, God, himself commanded to run in a smoking room every hour.

In short, smoking for me was more than a habit, entire ideology, a system of rituals and promotions. And at the thought that I would have to quit them once, I was afraid.

Well, quit, but how not to smoke then? What should I do to stop when there is no bus for a long time, what will mark completed task, how I would calm myself down in stressful moments?

Truth is not Hereabout, But very Close

But then I realized one simple to an outrageous thing. Please just intuitively, I did not have in my head formula, but it is something understood. Then I threw it away. I was drawn to cigarettes, only the first few weeks, two or three. But then, no matter what happens, no matter what company I was, smoking did not attract me anymore, in whatever state I was, I did not have to pick up a pack, put a filter and tightened.

And in about two years, during which I observed how my friends suffer without tobacco, and some of them come back to it again (and I was just incredibly glad that I do not smoke) I formulated the principle that has helped me to cope with this addiction. In the beginning, I followed it unconsciously and instinctively, and only time helped me realize it and to put into words. This principle is more generalized, but I think without exaggeration that this is the only way to quit smoking forever.

Thus, this method is as follows: Do not fight addiction itself, but for reasons that caused this addiction. And only then you will you be able without much resistance to cope with any bad habit. This principle is aimed at combating cause, no consequence, that is why it is effective.

The truth is an obvious fact! But, meanwhile, I am puzzled when I see advertising of anti-smoking patches and gum, for example – Nicorette Gum, which supposedly helps quit, because they facilitate nicotine hunger. And people use them in a belief that it will help quit once and forever, and then wonder why they start again. Can patches and pills cope with smoking causes?

Physical and Psychological Addiction

It is a mistake to consider that physiological addiction to nicotine is why we smoke. Yes, no doubt, it is one of smoking causes, but only one and not the most significant (well, it is essential that if you are a smoker of 40 years and withdrawal would entail severe suffering and health problems – but I hope that you are more conscious and will not lead to such troubles and get rid of smoking now, before it is not too late)!

There are two types of nicotine dependence:

  1. physiological – directly related to physiological mechanisms of addiction when drug nicotine is “embedded” in metabolic body processes and, as a result of habitation, development of certain hormones is difficult, if we suddenly stop taking the drug. We are likely to pull out a key element of the metabolic chain, it makes us feel discomfort, desire to quit (unconscious mechanisms of body strongly indicate it is like vital need).
  2. psychological – psychological causes of addiction, provoked by nature of our personality, it is, which is why we go back to smoking (and not just smoking, but to other drugs, including alcohol). But not everyone understands that there is a psychological dependence, because of which it arises. It seems that it is a concept that is actively used by people all over the world, but it is unlikely that the majority of people understands reasons for this addiction. Actually, that’s what I’ll say next.

The Biggest Mistake of Smokers

The mistake many “smoking quitters” lies in the fact that they direct all efforts to combat physiological addiction, they think that is the body grow out of a narcotic substance – the problem will disappear. It takes several weeks or months when quitting smoking syndrome disappears together with physical discomfort (and this is not torments of hell, I tell you), nicotine, as an element of metabolism falls out of chain, you will not feel physical cravings for harmful substances, your body ceases to be perceived as substance needed to maintain vital processes.

It would seem that this all has to end, nicotine is objectively harmful to the whole body, you have made a conscious attempt to abandon it … But somehow, with all that for many people, not everything comes to an end, after some time they start again smoking.

This is because they have not paid enough attention to psychological reasons of their addiction (this is the most my heart, love attachment to a cigarette as a magic wand, which happened to be.), which did not disappear after a passed physical addiction.

Why do We Replace one Habit to the Other?

This fact does not only cause of return to old habits but also explains why, even if the old relationship came to zero, people go to its return, he still replaces it with something else.

Those who stopped using illicit drugs, begin with fanaticism to consume alcohol, those who quit smoking are trying to fill the vacuum by creation as a result of a cancellation, uncontrolled gluttony, or anything else. Smoking is just a special way to satisfy some inner psychological necessity.

If you cannot overcome smoking in such a way, command XL Pharmacy and order medications directed to help you get rid of smoking addiction as fast as possible.