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a; a, w-diene component, b; an alkane component, c; 1-alkene component and d; an aromatic component.

Courtesy of the Perkin Elmer Corporation

Figure 49. The Reconstructed IR Chromatogram (16-30 min.) and Associated Spectra

The section of the chromatogram obtained between 16 and 30 minute together with some of the associated spectra are shown in figure 49.,


Clearly defined spectra were obtained from the four closely eluted peaks. The resolution obtained from the spectra is more than sufficient Thermal gravimetric analysis combined with a GC/FTIR tandem system utilizing a light pipe interface, has been used to investigate the pyrolysis and oxidation products of an alkylbenzimidazole. The system was operated both as a tandem TGA/FTIR combination and, by using a trapping procedure, as a triplet system TGA/GC/FTIR. The pyrolysis and oxidation process was carried out in a Perkin Elmer thermogravimetric analyzer and the FTIR spectra obtained from a PE 2000 FTIR instrument.