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A significant amount of spectral data on the double bond configuration of mono-unsaturated compounds have been reported by Attygalle et al. (14) which could be useful for substance identification in similar types of sample. The procedure greatly simplifies the quantitative estimation of the individual aromatic hydrocarbons present in any hydrocarbon mixture. It has been used in a very similar manner to determine the aromatics present in exhaust fumes.


The Cryostatic Interface

The cryostatic interface was developed as an alternative to the light pipe which, due to the catalytic nature of the gold surface, could cause labile materials to decompose or suffer molecular re-arrangement. In contrast, to the light pip, the cryostatic interface is sensibly inert to the sample, as it is collected and contained in a solid argon matrix. A diagram of the Cryolectª manufactured by Mattson Instruments Inc. is shown in figure 42. Unfortunately, this particular instrument is no longer commercially available although a large number have been sold and many are probably still in use at this time.