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After Banner et al. (Ref 3)


Figure 3. The Resolution of Cyclohexane and Benzene


A range of scanning speeds were available from 0.5 seconds to 300 seconds The use of the MS 12 to monitor the unresolved peaks for cyclohexane and benzene is shown in figure 3. This is a typical application of the GC/MS system where, by scanning up and down the elution curve of an unresolved pair of peaks, each can be identified from its mass spectrum. The leading edge of the envelope gives a spectrum of the pure first eluted peak and the trailing edge of the envelope, a spectrum of the pure second eluted peak. The column used was packed and, thus, the complete separation of the two components on the particular stationary phase was not possible in 1959. This instrument was eventually manufactured and marketed by AEI Ltd. specifically for GC/MS systems.