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Figure 31. The Heated IR Flow-through Cell


The trap was connected to the IR cell and could be electrically heated by appropriate heater coils to 250ūC. The trap was packed with 15% w/w of Apiezon Grease on 60-80 BS. mesh brick. Around the outside of the trap were a series of cooling coils that could carry cold water, the flow through which was controlled by a programmed solenoid valve. The column was all glass 60 ft long, 4.0 mm I.D., and packed with 60-80 BS mesh brick dust carrying 15% w/w of Apiezon Grease


The column consisted of a series of glass U tubes and each U section was packed individually. After packing all the individual U sections, they were sealed together employing simple glass-blowing techniques. The columns were made from thick-walled glass tubing, which, if required, could tolerate pressures up to 200 psi. For mechanical strength and rigidity the column was mounted in a stainless steel framework.