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Courtesy of Polymer Laboratories Inc.


Peak Compound Mass (mg) Retent.Time(min).
1 cholesterol ester 5 0.717
2 triglyceride 18 1.746
3 cholesterol 10 4.687
4 unknown 10 8.860
5 phosphatidyl choline 10 10.028
6 phosphatidyl -ethanolamine   17.390


Figure 50. The Separation of Some Lipid Class Materials Monitored by a Evaporative Light Scattering Detector

The device is fairly compact and relatively simple to operate. An example of the results obtained when used for monitoring a general lipid class analysis is shown in figure 50. The minimum detectable mass estimated from this chromatogram appeared to be about 10 ng of solute. To some extent, this detector provides a replacement for the transport detector as it detects all substances irrespective of their optical or electrical properties.